Born (Country) : Japan

Work : President/CEO of Figure Prodigy International LLC, BP of Ratio 1:1 Fitness, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model 

Heroes : My Mother

Favourite meal : Japanese Curry Rice 

In my gym bag, you will find : you'll find Weight belt & gloves, pre workout, tanning lotion and of course Headrush Sport bra & leggings !!

Favourite quote : "You can achieve every single one of your goals by working hard and never giving up !"

On my rest day, I : I get my Deep tissue massage, get my nail & pedicure done, also still think about more business ideas that take my business to the next level. 

Hobbies : I know it's boring but my hobbies is my business

Favourite Music : R&B, Hiphop & Urban music  

Favourite Travel Spots : Japan (when I get my chance I'll go back to Japan because I'm living in US)

Pets : 9lbs Yorkie & her name is Michi