Shipping FAQ

Question : Hey Team Headrush - what happens now, if I order something online during COVID-19, will I still receive it?

Answer : Yes, please feel free to continue shopping online at Headrush is working to ship your orders.

At the present time, orders within the USA are unaffected.

However, in Canada, due to certain new government directives issued within the last few days, it may take longer for your order to reach you or its final destination.

Because of the current situation and the security measures we adopted internally, please expect your package to arrive between 7 to 10 business days after your order date. Thank you for your understanding.

Social distancing, now makes it a little bit more challenging to have our staff process your orders in a fast and efficient manner.

Please make sure that the address you give us is a location that will be opened (like your home address, or a UPS Store, etc), and not a place of business, and or school that has been temporarily closed.

As always, a tracking number will be issued once your order has been shipped.

We are here to help you with any questions via social media and or customer service at

Please note that we may not be able to reply immediately but we will reply to questions on a priority basis, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We will keep you updated on any changes that may develop that could affect your online shopping experience with Headrush.



We know that everyone has concerns about the Corona Virus. Over the last few days, our management team has made some changes.

Our retailer network is made up of some chain and independent store owners, so each of them will handle their own decisions at their level.

At our offices, we are limiting contact between office personnel and meetings with outside suppliers, contractors, and or vendors. Employees are being told not to come into the office if they feel sick or fear they may have come in contact with someone suspected of having the virus. Some staff has opted to work from home for various reasons including taking care of their children since schools have suspended classes. We have informed our staff on common safety and cleaning measures they can take to stop the spreading of possible germs in our offices and warehouses.

Our online e-com website is still functioning in both Canada and the USA should you desire to shop during this period. The only problem, we might see is in a delay in order processing or courier deliveries due to a possible increase in volume/traffic of online shopping by the general public since a number of retailers have closed temporarily.

With everyone doing their part and supporting each other we will get through this. As, always we hope that people will abide by the decisions of our cities, towns, and countries and remain positive.

Best regards,